07/02/2024 • Tue

Do you have a Sanguine or Tortoiseshell cat?

Three-flowered cats generally refer to cats with yellow, white and black colors, and do not specifically refer to a certain breed. The vast majority of three-colored cats are females, and their hair color distribution area is very obvious, looking like a piece of patchwork, with a clear demarcation line for each color. Among the three-colored cats, there is a special tortoiseshell cat. Although tortoiseshell cats also have three colors, they are mixed together without a clear line of demarcation between the three colors, or the three pigments are stirred together so that you can’t even see the white color. There are no flower colors with exactly the same pattern in the world. Tortoiseshell cats with a particularly small amount of white coloring were called “tortoiseshells: the rolling brocade”by the ancients. A tortoiseshell cat with a lot of white is called a “Tortoiseshell: Hao Caixia”.

06/30/2024 • Sun

There’s really no need to buy expensive cat teasers as consumables

Believe me when you have bought a variety of cat teasers, you will find that or more than two dollars of the most practical. The same is the handle of the feather bell steel wire plus, you buy a cat teaser spend money, but I can buy ten, do not look at it cheap, the quality of this thing is actually almost the same. And cat teaser belongs to the consumables, feathers sooner or later will have been cat bite bad, more than two dollars a day with bad things will not hurt. There is really no need to buy expensive.

06/28/2024 • Fri

Do you know how often your cat forgets about you?

A cat’s memory is equivalent to that of a two to three year old child with a long term memory and a short term memory. Short-term memory can last up to sixteen hours can remember your every move, successfully learn to open doors and windows, so the cat is also very vindictive, sometimes suddenly bite you or urinate and defecate on the bed. For remembering that you have taught it a lesson before. A cat’s long-term memory is related to his experiences for years or even a lifetime, and it also depends on how you stand in his mind. Director is good to him, often reward him and play with him, he will remember you for a long time. If he scolds him often a month later, he may forget all about you.


Cats sense the world through their sense of smell

While humans observe the world with their eyes, cats do so through their sense of smell. They have about ninety-nine million nerve endings in the mucous membrane of their nose, while humans have only five hundred. When eating, they like to sniff around, which is a security check of the food. Food that you like will be eaten without hesitation with a big mouthful, and food that you don’t like will walk away with a look of disgust, or even run away, don’t try to prank your kitty, because they will hold a grudge, and they may not pay attention to you for a few days.


The male fox is actually a very affectionate animal.

They are famously monogamous, and male foxes take love very seriously. To keep females happy, males will be the first to find or make cozy dens, then spend many years collecting gifts to give when they meet the female of their choice, and when the female dies, the male may die a solitary death. Some affectionate foxes will linger long enough to stay near their mate and refuse to leave. But when the male fox dies, the female fox will immediately look for the next ……


Why do cats always stare out the window?

This is because as far as the eye can see is its territory, it is examining its own territory. 2, sunbathing to the sun born of the cat’s favorite thing than sunbathing, which can not only help the cat to kill the bacteria and parasites hidden in the hair, but also supplement the vitamins. 3, look at the birds, look at the bugs cats have no resistance to fast-moving things, even if through the window, do not want to stop its hunting instincts.


Why do cats naturally love mice?

This is because rats are rich in taurine, which protects your cat’s eyes and can cause night blindness if they are chronically deficient. Mice like to be nocturnal and are found everywhere, which is simply a tasty treat tailor-made for cats who like to hunt at night.


Why do cats like to meow at humans?

Because it’s in slavery, humans communicate with each other by scent except as kittens and when the cat’s mom asks for milk.

06/27/2024 • Thu

New to cats, male cats are recommended

Male cats can generally eat a fat stomach, the body naturally exuberant will hair cheeks, hair cheeks means that the face will be rounded. If you like big-faced cats, get on the bus quickly. Male cat sterilization risk is small, even if they are cut off the balls, sleep a night basically can be full blood resurrection, and the same breed of cats male cats cheaper than female cats.


Every time you go out, it’s a hunt for the cat!

When you are away for many days, do you think your cat will be teared up or even depressed? No, all they care about is whether you bring back canned cat food. For cats, every time you go out, they will think you are out hunting, this is a genetic memory engraved in the bone, in its cognition, if you fail to hunt, you will die. So your cat’s unusual enthusiasm after every time you come home is a celebration that you are still alive.


Cats meow, mostly for humans, in fact

Cats communicate with each other through movements. Meowing is for the pooper scooper to understand them better, and the meow speech will vary according to the pooper scooper, which is a language system they have developed independently, and the use is naturally to command the pooper scoopers.


Short-legged cat trivia

Short-legged cats, also known as corgi cats, are not short-legged, they are two-meter-long legs that have not been pulled out of the ground. For them, washing is the problem of the century. Short-legged cats are formed by a genetic mutation, and after human directed breeding, short legs were found to be more adorable, so they were preserved. There are currently two types of short-legged cats on the market, one called Mankikon is short-haired short-legged, and one called Napoleon is long-haired short-legged, and they basically have no drawbacks except that they are expensive.


Why do cats kick paws and claws?

Cats are small animals with underdeveloped sweat glands, only the paws of the body have fine sweat glands and no hair. So when the temperature drops, it will habitually retract its small hands to achieve the effect of preserving heat. This action is also negotiated as the Farmer’s Kick. In addition, the big cats also know how to kick the peasants.


German Shepherd Cold Knowledge

The German Shepherd alias Blackback, the world’s third highest canine IQ, was not born as a pet dog, but was initially domesticated as a hunting dog, with an IQ equivalent to that of a 5-7 year old child. Most of the German Shepherd is used for work, police dogs, search and rescue, blind guides, shepherd ornamental are his strong points, is an excellent personal bodyguard.