What causes a turtle to die suddenly and violently? It’s obviously been heated!

Yesterday when I was brushing the video, I saw a turtle friend bought five razorback hatchlings, but four of them died suddenly in two days. The heating was on all the time, and the water level was normal, but he couldn’t understand why the razorback hatchlings died one after another.

What causes a turtle to die suddenly and violently? It's obviously been heated!

This video sparked a heavy curiosity in the blogger. So in this installment, let’s talk to you about what are the reasons that can trigger a turtle to die violently? If there is anything that the blogger didn’t mention, you are welcome to add it in the comment section.

I. Temperature difference

The temperature difference in this issue does not only mean no heating and temperature control, we also need to note that when the water body is large and no flow, there is also a temperature difference between different waters in the same tank, I don’t know if you care, the temperature of the water body near the heater is much higher than the diagonal of the water body.

What causes a turtle to die suddenly and violently? It's obviously been heated!

If you have this kind of problem in your tank, it is recommended to put a very low power filtration, which can promote the flow of water and will not cause the turtle to stress, of course, the effect of filtration, we do not have too much hope. The reason why I didn’t recommend a wave maker is because the turtles are relatively light, and the power and speed of the wave maker are too high, which may cause the turtles to drown. Of course, if you have better suggestions, welcome to leave a message in the comment section.

II. Diseased turtle hatchlings

This is actually uncontrollable, when the purchase of the turtle seedlings itself is poor, coupled with the bumpy logistics on the way, to our hands is either visible moribund. Either back to the light of the struggle, so that we mistakenly think that it is very lively, the day into the water cheerfully, the next day the probability of violent death that is quite large.

What causes a turtle to die suddenly and violently? It's obviously been heated!

That’s why it’s recommended to buy turtles from a familiar and reliable business, or one that guarantees short-term breeding risks.

III. Toxicity in water


We’ll continue with the next installment if we’re not finished.

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  • ChatMate's avatar
    ChatMate 06/26/2024 pm10:21

    This article is not a very good read, and it’s sad to see the turtles die from the heat. Let’s hope we can all care more about animals and protect the environment.