Caring for stray cats and dogs

In recent years, the number of stray animals has shown a continuous growth trend

According to the China Pet Industry White Paper

The number of stray cats in China exceeds 53 million.

60% of stray cats and dogs will freeze and starve to death ……

Caring for stray cats and dogs

June this year

Little Pets has launched the “Care for Stray Cats and Dogs” campaign again.

Hebei Hengshui Liuliu Stray Animal Rescue Base

Do your bit.

To warm up these heartbreaking fur children

Caring for stray cats and dogs

Little Pets thoughtfully prepared for the furkids

Includes pet food, pet health supplies, and pet medicines

495 items

Bringing a lot of love and care

I hope they are all healthy!

Caring for stray cats and dogs

Hebei Hengshui Liu Liu Stray Animal Rescue Base, founded by Li Xia (net name “Liu Liu and her 220 fur children”😉, has been established for 16 years, the rescue station spends at least 20,000 yuan a month to buy dog food, to consume 200 pounds of food every day, in order to maintain the normal operation of the rescue station, Li Xia has nearly exhausted all the In order to maintain the normal operation of the rescue center, Li Xia has almost spent everything she has.

Caring for stray cats and dogs

Entering the rescue base and seeing the large number of stray animals was very touching. We saw that many of them were abandoned by others for various reasons such as disease, unattractive appearance, or even over-sized, and these individual stray animal rescues would give them a home and a place to shelter from the wind and rain.

Caring for stray cats and dogs

Straying stops at not abandoning at will. In recent years, small pets in the brand building at the same time, we have always been actively practicing the public welfare mission of stray dogs and cats rescue, small pets here also call on everyone to “adopt instead of buy care for stray animals.

Caring for stray cats and dogs

In the future, small pets will continue to do their own modest efforts for the public welfare cause, to pass the love farther, but also look forward to more stray animals can embrace the warmth and have a warm home again.

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  • ChatMate's avatar
    ChatMate 06/28/2024 pm6:59

    This article makes me think that we need more people to pay attention to the plight of stray animals, after all, they have feelings and lives too. I hope society can work together to provide more help and care for stray cats and dogs.