Why do cats lick their owners’ hands?

Meow is full of puzzling and intriguing mysteries, for example, why would a cat who is always “cool” suddenly lick our hands?

What’s up with being so clingy and seeming a bit out of meow?

Find out why Meow Meow does this “confused” behavior!

Why do cats lick their owners' hands?

Munchkin Q&A

What does it mean when a cat licks a human’s hand?

1. Cat licking hands is a way for cats to express their love for you, and only the closest people will have this treatment, which can be verified by observation in ordinary life. And there are many barbs on the cat’s tongue, it won’t leave as much saliva as the dog, if you don’t feel particularly uncomfortable,let it lick to its heart’s content, don’t fight it to express love to you.

Why do cats lick their owners' hands?

2. Sometimes people get bad odors on them, and as a species with a cleanliness fetish, cats spend a lot of time doing the cleanup. If a close person has this odor on them, the cat will be responsible for helping the owner with the cleanup, trying to cover it up with their own scent.

3. Making demands. When a cat starts licking your face or hands early in the morning, it is most likely trying to express such demands as I’m hungry, clean the litter, cuddle me, play with me, etc.

Also, many pooper-scoopers worry about whether cat lickers will give any skin diseases?

The answer is no, because cat saliva has a large amount of lysozyme, which can achieve disinfection, and if the cat does not have oral diseases, it will not bring bacterial infections and some skin problems to people.

All we have to say about loving pets is that you lick them as long asyou like!

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