Is it better to buy a big or small turtle? These are some of the reasons why you can’t keep a turtle well

Many newbie turtles often ask me this question, “Is it better to raise a hatchling or a bigger turtle?”Generally, I would suggest to start with turtles with dorsal armor over 6cm, there is no problem with resistance. Of course, there is no absolute, for example, some WC flooded species, hatchlings are better than big turtles.

Is it better to buy a big or small turtle? These are some of the reasons why you can't keep a turtle well

But as a turtle keeper, I’m sure you’d like to experience the heart-warming process of raising a seedling to adulthood. Personally, I am very fond of raising turtle seedlings, I am not so much fond of the process of raising them up, butbecause they are cheap. Because there are so many turtles to raise, you have to consider the tolerance of your wallet.

I believe that most of the turtle breeders are from the nursery to start turtle, often newcomers to contact the ground three Jie; grass turtles, flower turtles, Brazilian turtles, they are presented in front of the newcomers are almost all seedlings, and the turtles seedlings are small when the appearance is also very cute, which is one of the reasons why we choose them.But to be honest, the small seedlings are really bad to raise set, many novices think that the cheaper the turtle is the better to raise, in fact, the opposite, so this makes countless turtle breeders confidence is all gone.Even the Brazilian tortoises known as invasive species have become particularly sick in artificial environments, making people once suspect that they and the wild Brazilian tortoises are not a species. And then there is the national turtle classic – grass turtles, many turtle friends are very fond of grass turtles, but many people on the grass turtle nursery experience mostly ended in tears.So is a turtle seedling with a high price good for breeding?

Is it better to buy a big or small turtle? These are some of the reasons why you can't keep a turtle well

To be precise, most are good breeders but there are bad ones. For example, the star-spot turtle is a nurseryman’s nightmare.Starpoints are not only small, but they are also very tender and can get sick if they are not careful. That’s why experienced turtle keepers will get their hands on larger starpoints.So which turtles are relatively better to raise? Recommended snapping turtles and (egg) turtles, although I do not have so much research on snapping turtles, but through personal experience of keeping snapping turtles, I personally think that keeping snapping turtles seedlings is really worry-free, and there is no need to add heat in winter. There are also egg turtles, both musk turtles and razorback turtles are very good to raise, they are not only good at water, but also very adaptable.

Even many varieties under the genus of dynamic breasted turtles are goodchoices,such as helmet, white-lipped, kernel, red-faced and so on. But here is a special reminder that some egg turtles that need to be heated still need to be put on a heating rod, andas long as the equipment is in place, the difficulty of keeping them really isn’t that high.

Is it better to buy a big or small turtle? These are some of the reasons why you can't keep a turtle well

There is also to remind you that some of the turtles with high prices tend to be big turtles but not good to keep.That is, WC individuals more of those turtles, such as saw edge and hawksbill, these turtles of large individuals wild majority, often not as good as seedlings, but also depends on luck, if you are lucky to be able to raise a fixed, the problem is not too big.

Of course, I also believe that the main reason why most turtle friends keep seedlings is the price, which I know very well. Often turtle seedling selling price and large individual price difference is very big, may a seedling only two or three hundred, and a little larger seedlings price will be more than double.Unfortunately, turtle seedlings this thing sometimes this is not a matter of ability, is a matter of probability, the more you raise the more you hang.

Is it better to buy a big or small turtle? These are some of the reasons why you can't keep a turtle well

In fact, the reason why seedlings are difficult to bring, is not only two factors, environmental factors and their own physical. First of all, nature itself exists the law of survival of the fittest, some individuals no matter how you control the environment may end up the same. The main key point of the environmental factors is the temperature and temperature difference, and then a small box, the water level is not too high, put into hiding, to prevent stress can be. Put the feeder box in a heated box with constant temperature or put in a heated bar with a lid to keep warm.

As for raising seedlings should not consider the problem of dirty water, in fact, the harm of water quality is far less than the harm of filter vibration, raising seedlings precisely because of the stress caused by the filter, andraising turtles care most about the stability of the water quality, followed by the high and low water quality.This is why the fecal water turtles turtles are very healthy, but if you take the fecal water to raise fish will only be the end of the dead fish.

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