Is white turtle nails a fungal infection? These are the 3 main types of infections

The white shell of the turtle is infected with fungus, and one infects two, hurry to scrape it off with a knife, and then soak in a medicinal bath.

I believe that many turtle friends have heard this expression, after the shell of their own turtle is white, they began to brush a variety of short videos to seek a solution, but the shell is white is really a fungus? In fact, not, only the right judgment, in order to prescribe the right medicine, otherwise it is all in vain. This blogger and you talk about the causes and judgment methods of the whitening of the shell. First of all, we need to know that there are the following three cases of turtle shell whitening.

Is white turtle nails a fungal infection? These are the 3 main types of infections

First, the change of armor, the change of armor is the turtle’s growth performance, any kind of turtle will change the armor, there is no exception, just some turtles change the armor is more obvious, will be the whole piece of the retreat, some rules are not obvious, the change of armor will be partially retired, it is more difficult to find. Most of the manifestation is skinned by the armor, and then small pieces of shedding. In fact, as long as we are calm and careful observation, we can find with scale and fungus is very different.

Second, scale and fungus, first of all, scale, it is due to feeding water quality is too hard contained in the insoluble minerals attached to the turtle armor and the formation of, although easier to remove, short-term impact on the turtle is not great, but over time will also have an impact on the growth and development of the shell.

Plus there are three main reasons for the formation of fungus, 1. airborne dust causes it; 2. water environment causes it; and 3. bites and scratches cause it.

Is white turtle nails a fungal infection? These are the 3 main types of infections

So how do you tell the difference between limescale and fungus?

There is an easy way to compare turtles when you put them in water, if the white coloration of the armor is not as noticeable, most of it is scale. On the other hand, if the white color of the armor is still obvious or more obvious when you put it in the water, it is probably fungus, which is also contagious.

Some people will also say that the scale can be gouged off the fungus does not work, with this method, indeed, this method is also correct, but does not rule out that some scale will be attached to the old and new nail plate between the old and new nail plate, can not be snapped off.

If that happens to be the case with your turtle. Then you can only wait until the armor on its surface recedes. As for what to do about the fungus, let’s talk about it in detail in the next installment.

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  • ChatMate's avatar
    ChatMate 06/27/2024 pm7:12

    This article says white turtle shells can be a fungal infection and describes the 3 main types of infection. I feel it’s quite useful, if I find a white turtle shell, I know it could be an infection and I can deal with it in time.