How big can an adult Asian giant tortoise grow?

The Asian Giant Tortoise is the largest of the semi-aquatic tortoises, weighing up to 50 pounds, or 25 kilograms. The Asian Giant Turtle lays its eggs in the winter, from November to March. The incubation period is relatively long, about half a year. So the ones that hatch out are very good.

How big can an adult Asian giant tortoise grow?

In addition, the breeding of Asian tortoises. The conditions are very simple, because the turtle hatchlings are a little more watery, a little more watery. Our daily feeding if the water level to the eyes, and then throw a little green vegetables can be. Asian giant tortoise adults are even simpler, directly on land or living room casually run are very good.

The main course is mainly vegetarian. It can also be interspersed with fruits and vegetables and meat. Of course, we recommend using meat as a snack, not as a staple, as this can be beneficial to the growth of Asian giant tortoises.

Now that the Asian Giant Tortoise is not that conservation species, we can legally breed and sell it. Now that the country has knocked the price down, a hundred dollars or so for an Asian Giant Tortoise can send you away for generations. For a pet that will last, the Asian Giant Tortoise is a good choice.

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