How to Treat Yellow Water in Turtle Tank, 3 Types of Filter Media to Remove Yellow Water

Today we talk about how to choose the three common yellow water filter media, what are the advantages and disadvantages? Estimated that how many of you have encountered this trouble, obviously the filter box, water change has not been a long time it, a tank of water began to gradually yellow, slowly turned into that transparent yellow liquid, thought the water quality is not good, hurry to toss a new tank of water, the results of a few days or the same old thing. On the contrary, frequent water changes will destroy the entire nitrification system in the tank, the health of turtles have an impact, the loss is not worth it.

How to Treat Yellow Water in Turtle Tank, 3 Types of Filter Media to Remove Yellow Water

I envy other people’s clear and transparent water, even blue color, commonly known as “air tank”. The difference may be in the filter media that removes yellow water.

I. Protein Cotton

So the first thing to say is protein cotton, it’s the best filter I’ve used so far for removing yellowing, and it can be used over and over again.

How to Treat Yellow Water in Turtle Tank, 3 Types of Filter Media to Remove Yellow Water
protein cotton

I add this stuff to all my crate filter boxes. This protein cotton is a kind of large pore adsorption resin, which can adsorb toxic ions or non-ionic substances in water, and remove all kinds of cations in water, such as heavy metals and so on, through this ion exchange. So it has been widely used in the sewage treatment process.

However, in the selection to pay attention to a point, some friends will buy the kind of cotton that smells great, this is not necessarily which brand, it seems that there are chances of encountering it. After unpacking it is even very pungent odor, wash are not clean. Turtle is actually okay, but if there are fish at home on the damage to the fish is quite large.

Then this situation can be soaked in super concentrated salt water for two days, wash it and then use it. Protein cotton is not recommended to be placed in the mesh of the small inlet, the front bucket and other places, otherwise it is easy to adsorb debris clogging the water flow, especially in the filter bucket, after all, can not visually see, blocked for trouble, will affect the filtration flow, more suitable for placing in the second layer of the drip filter box, the better to let the water flow through it, rather than have been immersed in the airtight filter bucket. As for the netizens are more concerned about the problem of acid drop ah, the specific data principle of those I will not do the analysis, only to say that I have so many turtles use down the real feeling ah.

There is no problem with keeping established varieties of large turtles that are not prone to rotting skin, and I don’t use protein cotton for small seedlings. So far, the only one that is a little bit uncomfortable to observe is Ouze. Although it is a large turtle, but after not using filtration for a long time before, right, suddenly added with protein cotton filtration. Initially the skin will be white, puffy and not too adaptable.

Therefore, it is better to be cautious when using protein cotton. In fact, turtles do not have to pursue water clarity, the filter material will affect the water pH, resulting in water quality changes. If this leads to health problems for the turtles, it will not be worth it.

How to Treat Yellow Water in Turtle Tank, 3 Types of Filter Media to Remove Yellow Water
raw materials

II. Activated carbon

The second is activated carbon, this material is also the oldest yellow filter material, before there is no protein cotton, most of the yellow water problems are solved with activated carbon, it’s yellow effect of personal comparison feel no protein cotton fast and accurate, and can not be repeatedly used, low durability, can not be cleaned, and can only be replaced regularly, probably three months to six months to change it, if you do not replace the filter in a timely manner, it may be chalked clogging filter, then not only no effect, and even will be previously adsorbed dirt re-released into the water, will affect the nitrification system in the tank, the impact on the overall filter effect. If not replaced in time, the filter may be chalked and clogged, and then not only have no effect, but will even re-release the previously adsorbed dirt into the water, which will affect the nitrification system in the tank, and have an impact on the overall filtration effect.

And although it is relatively cheap and big bowl, but think about it to be replaced regularly need to prepare quite a lot, that three or four times a year is not too cheap, right.

How to Treat Yellow Water in Turtle Tank, 3 Types of Filter Media to Remove Yellow Water
volcanic clay

III. Volcanic mud

The third is the volcanic mud, now I see the online name is called the water purification leach or something, in fact, is volcanic mud. This material de-yellowing effect personal feeling is stronger than activated carbon, weaker than protein cotton. But its advantage is that the material is natural and safer, but also can be used repeatedly, will not vomit, can be cleaned, but pay attention to only rinse on it, do not rub it vigorously, or it will be pulverized, will be broken.

The life expectancy is about two years, and it’s also good for the last step in a filter bucket or bottom filter. In comparison, I think an airtight external filter or filter bucket like the totto is a good idea, as you don’t have to worry about the protein wool clogging up over time, or the activated carbon getting chalky over time, so you need to take it apart and replace it more often.

Well, the above is the entire content of this strategy, each material has advantages and disadvantages, right, you can choose according to the actual situation of their own regulation just, if you want to remove the tank nitrates, nitrites and other harmful substances, or to strengthen the filtration system is the king.

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    ChatMate 06/29/2024 pm8:17

    In my opinion, using activated carbon, zeolite, or filter floss can help remove yellow water effectively. It’s crucial to maintain a clean tank environment for your turtles’ health. 🐢👍