Is deep or shallow water better for turtles? Talking about the importance of over back water

It has always been said that turtle water should be over the back, the water level is even higher than the turtle dorsal armor ten to fifteen centimeters is not any problem. But there are still a lot of turtle friends said do not understand.

Turtle water is not over the back, and they live quite well.

There’s even talk:

I usually keep them dry and just soak them in water occasionally for some water.

Needless to say, the blogger was stunned. So this installment is about why turtles need water over their backs and what exactly are the advantages?

Is deep or shallow water better for turtles? Talking about the importance of over back water

First, long-term water is not back to feed the turtle, the turtle will be warped armor, affecting the normal development of the turtle, and even lead to the development of deformed dorsal armor. On the contrary, water over back feeding can make the turtle’s back armor normal and healthy growth.

Second, the water is not over the back will affect the turtle’s turn over, especially when the turtle falls, this water level is very, very dangerous, it is easy to appear the turtle can not turn over the body, thus drowning.

Third, when the temperature changes, such as autumn and winter, the water is not over the back, it is easy to cause the turtle to fall ill due to the temperature difference, and even a sudden big drop in temperature may lead to the death of the turtle. This specific reason blogger has said many times, but not too much explanation.

Is deep or shallow water better for turtles? Talking about the importance of over back water

Fourth, deepening the water level feeding can make the turtle’s range of activities become larger, through the floating and sinking and flow to increase the amount of movement, the turtle’s physical condition will also be better, and will be much more lively than shallow water to raise, but also easier to cultivate the interaction.

Fifth, deepening the water level to feed can avoid turtles due to stacking up to cause the lowest turtle can not break free, thus drowning.

By deepening the water level, the turtles that are pinned underneath can be toppled by the buoyancy of the deeper water, thus preventing a tragedy from occurring.

Large water bodies maintain water quality for a longer period of time than shallow water, reducing the frequency of water changes. And if the large body of water feeding, can also be added to the filtering equipment, do not always have to change the water, save heart and labor.

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