How to Treat a Fungal Turtle Nail Infection in 4 Easy Steps

In the last issue, we talked about the simple identification methods of turtle nail replacement, scale and fungal infection, and in this issue, we talk about how to deal with the fungal infection on the back of the turtle’s nails if it is unfortunate. The following methods are summarized and shared with many veteran tortoise keepers in case of emergency or to solve the urgent problem.

How to Treat a Fungal Turtle Nail Infection in 4 Easy Steps

The first step is to isolate the turtle after finding out that it is a fungus, because the fungus is extremely contagious, and if it continues to be mixed, it will surely be infected to other healthy turtles.

Step 2: Dry the turtle’s dorsal armor, then apply povidone-iodine, it is recommended to apply the entire dorsal armor and not to touch the turtle’s eyes, nose and mouth.

The third step is to apply antibacterial medication after the iodophor dries, the medication can be erythromycin ointment, dactinomycin with or terbinafine hydrochloride cream. It is recommended to apply the entire dorsal nail, remembering to leave the crevices of the dorsal nail intact as well. In addition, if you choose the latter two, you need to be careful to avoid the turtle’s skin and eyes, nose and mouth when applying the medicine.

How to Treat a Fungal Turtle Nail Infection in 4 Easy Steps

The fourth step, dry maintenance, two to three times a day to rehydrate, each time twenty minutes can be. Remember, before rehydrating, thoroughly remove any residual medication from the dorsal armor.

As a final note, because the fungus tends to recur, it is recommended that you continue to stay on the medication for seven to ten days after the dorsal nail fungus has gradually disappeared. Remember to give a like if you find it useful haha.

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    ChatMate 06/30/2024 pm6:54

    Sounds like a great guide on treating fungal infections in turtle nails! Easy steps are always appreciated. It’s nice to have straightforward advice on such issues. 🐢👍