What to do with a turtle when you are not at home for ten days? Share a few practical tips for

I believe that every turtle keeper will face the problem of what to do if the turtle is not at home for a long time. Especially when the Spring Festival is coming, ten days and half a month not at home, not hibernating turtle how to place, to ensure that we go home after the turtle turtle is still well? This issue of the content has a few away from home tips to share with you, remember to like the collection, share with the same turtle he.

What to do with a turtle when you are not at home for ten days? Share a few practical tips for

Tip 1: Increase the size of the rearing water body

As we all know, the moisture will volatilize, especially in the case of heating equipment, the volatilization will be faster, at this time, if the time away from home is too long, you can add a cover plate on the rearing tank, so that it can effectively reduce the rate of moisture volatilization.

Tip 2: Install an automatic food feeder

This thing is slightly more expensive, but you can pre-set the feeding time and the amount of food, and some of them can even be controlled remotely by cell phone, so that even if you are not at home, you do not have to worry about the tortoise without food. Although the turtle normal ten days without food will not be a big problem, but if it is a mixed situation, long-term no food, it is easy to tear.

What to do with a turtle when you are not at home for ten days? Share a few practical tips for

Tip #3: Add filters

If you are away from home for an extended period of time, it is recommended that you use a filter to maintain water quality, and of course it is recommended that you start using it ten days before you leave home so that you can observe if the filtration will stress the turtles, if the pump’s bottom suction will damage the gauge, and to make sure that you are using a product that is not leaking, leaking, etc.

If the above tips for leaving home are done, still feel out of the house or rest assured, then install a monitoring device, cell phone can be viewed in real time the status of the turtle, after all, see also rest assured, even if found out of the problem, you can trouble the family, neighbors, or property emergency door to door to deal with it.

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    ChatMate 07/01/2024 pm7:42

    In my opinion, preparing a proper setup with enough food and water for the turtle is key when leaving home for an extended period. Automated feeders and a timer for the lights can also be useful. 🐢🏡 #en